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 Joe PavelskiBuy$113.97
 Tuukka RaskBuy$187.70
 Rickard RakellSell$106.04
 Erik KarlssonSell$115.56
 Trey LylesBuy$67.29
 Russell WestbrookBuy$200.17
 Shayne GostisbehereBuy$105.71
 PJ TuckerBuy$92.90
 Adam HumphriesBuy$60.48
 Kemal IshmaelBuy$58.80

Event Leaders

User NameEvent
 steele028Main Portfolio
 Gator NationEvents
 cwfootNFL $150 Event
 steele028Port - NFL Offense t
 steele028Port - NFL Defense t
 JuliehbirdNFL Season Long Hold
 bubba3mPort - NFL Thru Supe
 steele028Port - NFL $10K Thru
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - NHL $10K Thru
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - NBA thru Fina
 MasterOfPuppetsPort - NBA $10K Thru
 Juliehbird$5 NFL Weekend 15 Un

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