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Game Introduction

Sports Fan Stocks is a unique Fantasy Sports game experience. Unlike most stock market games where prices change based on how many players think a stock is going to move in one direction or the other. The stock prices here are based on actual on field performance vs. a predetermined expectation.

How to Play

Every player starts out with their own Portfolio. The portfolio is accessed by clicking Game Index in the upper left menu bar.

To find an athlete stock for the portfolio click on the NFL NBA NHL MLB links in the upper right menu bar. There is also a search function to find a specific athlete stock.

To purchase an athlete stock click on the name of the athlete to be purchased. That will lead to the trade athlete stock page. Enter the number of stocks to buy and hit the the TRADE button.

To sell a stock that is already owned use the same trade athlete stock page. The athlete stocks that were purchased are in the Portfolio

Trading is always open. The only time a stock can not be traded is when that team is playing.

Understanding the Game

Stock prices change based on two factors. 1. Amount Earned during a game. 2. Must Earn Value.

This next part might look confusing but it simply says that if an athlete earns more than the Must Earn the stock price rises. If the athlete makes less the stock price drops.

The Amount Earned during a game is based off the SCORING values made during the game.

For instance after the game Albert Pujols has 1 Homerun, 2 Hits, 2 Outs, 1 Run, 3 RBIs. The stock would earn $5.69
1 Homerun = $1.67, 2 Hits = $2.00, 2 Outs = -$0.76, 1 Run = $0.74, 3 RBIs = $2.04

Every stock has a Must Earn value listed on the trade athlete stock page.

Using Albert Pujols again, he earns $5.69. His Must Earn that he had to make that game was $3.19. The stock price before the game was $215.88. After the game the new stock price is $218.38. The stock price went up $2.50
Stock Price $215.88 + Earning $5.69 - Must Earn $3.19 = $218.38


Events are seperate games. Each Event will have it's own rules as to what stocks can be purchased or other restrictions. To join an Event click on the Event Index link in the upper left menu bar.

There you will see a list of Events to join. Clicking on the Event will take you to the Join Page. Click on the Join button to Join.

Some Events will have a fee that comes out of the money in the main portfolio.

Most Events that have a fee will have minimum prize that is at least the fee amount. But it is the players responsibility to check each Event for specific payouts.

If a players Event Final Portfolio value equals their Event starting value then the portfolio owner must have made at least 3 trades in order to qualify for the Event. If the portfolio starting value equals the portfolio ending value and there are fewer than 3 trades made then the Event fee will be returned to the player.

Pitchers and Why They're Special

Pitchers only play a small portion of their teams games. So they have special rules that apply only to their stocks.

If a pitcher Earns over double his Must Earn Value the stock takes 3 days to reach it's full value or Mature.

When this happens the stock sell price will be in red and lower than the current price on the trade athlete stock page.

Each day during the three days the stock sell price continues to rise. The buy price remains the same. So you don't want to buy a stock that hasn't Matured yet.


Q. How is the "Must Earn" calculated?
A. Regular Season: (Stock Price - Total Earned) / # of games left = Must Earn
Post Season: Stock Price/Sport Regular Season Games * 85% = Must Earn ie. Stock Price/16*85% for NFL
Pitchers are the exception. Must Earn = Price / 40 * 85%.

Q. Why does the "Must Earn" value change when the athlete hasn't played?
A. The "Must Earn" value is calculated everytime an athlete's team plays a game.

Q. What is the bonus for stocks when an athlete makes over double the Must Earn value?
A.When an athlete(Except Golf & NASCAR) makes over double their Must Earn then they receive a bonus. Bonus = Must Earn * %of Games Left in regular season.

Q. What happens if the Athlete stock price if he doesn't play?
A. Nothing. Price is only effected by on field performance.

Q. What does the PP mean after an athlete's name?
A. It means they are the Probable Pitcher for the next game. This doesn't mean they will pitch the next game. If you click the PP it will show the list of Probable Pitchers.

Q. How low can an athlete's price drop?
A. If an athlete drops below $30 you can no longer buy him in your Main Portfolio. But if you own a stock it will continue to drop in value until it reaches $0.00. Some Events will allow stocks with prices less than $30.00.

Q. Why are athlete earnings different from...
A. In order get the prices set as quickly as possible after the game we use the unofficial stats. So when there is a change like an error turning into a hit the numbers don't reflect that. Unofficial stats are considered official here.

Q. How are ties determined in Events?
A. In the case of a tie the winner is determined by the join date. The player that joined the site the earliest is given the higher postion.

Q. Why did I not get all my money when I sold a Pitcher?
A. Pitchers are unique in this game. They have to mature after they pitch in order to get the full value.

Q. How long before an Event pays out?
A. If there is no physical prize an Event usually pays out in 4 - 7 days. If there is a prize that must be shipped or emailed allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

Q. What are your "must earn" guidelines for a player who enters the game but doesn't start, i.e. pinch hitter, pinch runner, injury replacement, etc.?
A. If an MLB Hitter stock earns (positive or negative) any amount his stock price will change. But if he earns $0 and has no at bats then it will be like he never entered the game.
If an MLB Pitcher pitches even 1 pitch his stock price will change.

Q. What if an MLB game is suspended or postponed?
A. Suspended games count as full games. The continuation of a suspended game does not count towards earnings. Postponed games are the same as no game ever happening.

Q. How does Auto Sell Work?
A. When you select Auto Sell the stock will remain in your portfolio until 2 Hours and 15 mins after the game starts. Then the current value of the stock will be placed into your account to be used. Once the game earnings are finalized the difference will be added or removed from your account.

If you purchase a stock that has the incorrect team listed it will not gain/lose any earnings.
This doesn't happen very often. But when it does a player is able to buy the stock while a game is in progress. Which is something that should not happen.